Contract To Hire

Contract To Hire

We have the capabilities to cater to all major IT requirements. Niche profiles : like SAP(HANA) to regular profiles like : java,python etc. It includes all the languages, Modules like C, C++, C#, Oracle, Java, .Net, SAP.

Over the years, the employees have evolved significantly from being long-term, loyal and permanent workers to career oriented professionals. Nowadays, they are keen at coming out of their comfort zone to look out for enhanced growth opportunities instead of being full-time workers. Likewise, the employers are also in the lookout for hiring methods that could help them curb their hiring expenses, avoid the hazards of candidate-profile mismatch, and boost their business reputation. Evidently, businesses prefer approaching seasoned staffing agencies to ask them for Contract To Hire recruitments, which is where our services could prove worthwhile. At Promitheia Tech, we hold the capabilities required to adhere to the Contract To Hire demands of the IT industry

More about Contract To Hire

As the name suggests, ‘Contract To Hire ’, also termed as ‘Temp to Hire’,or C2H,is acontractual short-term job role, which could last from 3-6 months to around 2-3 years or more. It can however change into a full time position once the contract ends. The performance of the employee holds the key in this context.So, you can call it a hybrid of permanent and temporary hiring. Throughout the contractual duration, the employee works on the payroll of the hiring staffing agency. Before signing the contract, it is important for both the employee and the employer to clarify any confusion regarding the employment terms. This will avoid any hassle to creep in later on during the job.

Why should you avail our C2H Services?

We invest remarkably in the development of soft skills, leadership and management qualities of the candidates. Besides, we also care to improvise their skills through various activities and programs so that they could perform above par excellence in the new job role.
Benefits for Candidates
Here is how we enhance the capabilities of our candidates
• Technical Training to match their skill set
• Performance reviews on regular basis
• Upgrading them on the upcoming technology trends
• Opportunity to prove their efficiency in the corporate world
• Enabling them to work in varied industries and environments

Benefits for Clients

As for the clients, we enable them to hire candidates on C2H positions at flexible payment conditions. In addition, you can seek our assistance due to numerous other advantages:
• Robust database comprising details of talented candidates
• Budget friendly Contract To Hire services
• Opportunity to evaluate the candidates’ performance before hiring them on permanent role
• We perform all the requisite screening, interviews, and verification tasks on your behalf thus saving your time and money
• Can hire candidates to work in your core business niche
• Trained and talented candidates possessing the skill set as per your requirement
• We mitigate your risks, operational costs and administrative responsibilities
• Prompt response to your requirement via the available pool of talent

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We are eager to serve your Contract To Hire requirements through our trained, experienced and efficient candidates. Our professionals will prove an asset to your company, thereby contributing immensely to your business growth and generating ROI. Feel free to contact us any time, we will be happy to serve you.