Data Center & Cloud Computing

The Indian Datacenter market size is projected to achieve USD one.5 billion by 2022 from USD one.0 billion in 2018, growing CAGR of eleven.4% throughout the forecast amount (2018-2022). Major growth factors for the market are deeper net penetration, increase in digital information traffic, public cloud services, and better expected growth for IoT.
Investing in an exceedingly high notch information center could be a very crucial step towards building a web site. you'll have the most effective web site style and development team obtainable however if you don't have the support of a well recognized information center company, then you would possibly additionally throw away your dreams of ever changing into a nationwide or internationally recognized web site.
You could be a start up or a Top notch Trading company , you need to know the prerequisites of choosing a datacenter which may cater to your needs . There are many such companies which may show you the Brand Value however , it may also infer that they do not resemble the experts in these fields. Whereas there may be some mid level service providers , who have done their bit in providing every single benefit to the customer and have a world class architecture. The point is , when you are hungry , you go to a small multi-cuisine restaurant, but you don't necessarily go to the Wheat fields.

Colocation Services

Our Networks partners provide colocation services which help you safeguard your business servers and data by providing utmost secured environment. Our colocation ecosystems is where hundreds of enterprises and business partners connect to each other through their IT hardware and software.

Manage IT Services

We help you reduce the costs of IT infrastructure and administration, through dedicated web hosting services, dedicated web servers, cloud hosting and more, and guarantee unmatched efficiency that drastically reduces your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Our Managed IT Services include server, web portal and database management, in addition to an array of monitoring services.

Compare with other service providers

The service provider who you worked with provides you a whole lot of benefits upon billing. Is it not compromising with any technological gaps which you may be over looking at. Go ahead and find other Service providers, you may come up with a wide number of alternate solutions. Selecting a Service provider on the basis of being cost effective doesn't not justify the requirement of the organization. You need to dig deep if the Cost effective solution is future ready for you and does not create another technology requirement.

Select a suitable Technology

You may be a fortune 500 Company or a Newbee in the market, you need to know why you require cloud . If it is just about a Website hosting requirement, there are online services who provide you a Hosting service along with pay as you go oppurtunity. You have the power to design your website, Load content and run SEO campaigns on the website without any requirement of a Cloud or data center solution. Simply estimate your budget and choose any of the online website service providers . Select the plan as per your budget , a website builder plan , a domain name , a SSL certificate. Now the requirement arises when you have a heavy audience hitting your server on a everyday basis , succumbing your website to failure and crash, you might have the exact time to shift your website to a dedicated server on cloud. Not all cloud are the same, consider public cloud on open source platform otherwise you have multiple options. Microsoft Azure Cloud, AWS cloud solutions, Google Cloud patform, Alibaba Cloud are those public cloud platforms on Pay per use basis. Hyper-V, Vmware, OPenstack platforms are widely dependable as well , if you need a monthly , quarterly and payment model.

Our Core Competencies

Consulting , Implementation, Migration Iaas, Paas

  • Cloud assessment and strategy
  • Planning and Design
  • Cloud migration
  • Integration, optimization, deployment
  • Configuration Management Automation

Support Iaas, Paas, SaaS

  • Configuration Management
  • Cloud Administration
  • Service Improvements
  • Cloud Monitoring
  • Value Added Services

Enterprise Managed Hosting

  • 24x7x365 Always up and Working Monitoring system
  • Global Support and Cloud Solutions
  • Extended IT Support
  • Information Security Management System