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Promitheia Tech also provides the some supprted technologies like SAP, JAVA, .Net, C, C++, C#, Orcle. These all are very helpful to make your work to easy. If it is a business logic intensive application, progress will let you to focus more on the programming for business logic. It is a natural business logic language. If you are using C++ or C#, a lot of SQL sentence are to blended with method calls to execute the SQL sentence, difficult to program, maintain and understand. It is also harder to programmer to learn as well. E.g. you can try to write a simple BOM explosion function in C++ / C# without using stored procedure. If there is no complex business logic or just simple data storing, sort, display.

Banking & Finance

Banking and Finance are the our best industry fields which are an end-to-end process ensuring the overall execution of a financial service provided over the web. Such a digital banking service is available on demand and is carried out within a set time-frame. Banking is an industry that handles cash, credit, and other financial transactions. Banks provide a safe place to store extra cash and credit. They offer savings accounts, certificates of deposit, and checking accounts. At its core, finance is utilized to help companies, business owners and consumers better manage their financial operations, processes, and lives by utilizing specialized software and algorithms that are used on computers and, increasingly, smartphones.


Last year has seen the Indian IT/ITeS Industry showing remarkable resilience in the face of the global economic turmoil. The coming decade is poised to bring in whole set of new opportunities and challenges that may necessitate fundamental changes in business outlook and culture. The CII - PwC report on "Indian ITeS industry - Evolving Business Models for Sustained Growth" aims to look beyond the visible horizon into emerging trends and business models that would define the future of this industry. Through a comprehensive national level survey covering both the service providers as well as client community of ITeS in India coupled with rigorous secondary research and analysis.


Our education program is designed to help teachers and students leverage new technologies and the latest instructional techniques to increase engagement, be more productive in the classroom, and maximize the potential to learn remotely. eLearning has completely trd method of teaching, eLearning makes learning simpler, easier, and more effectivransformed the way in which learning is imparted to students. Unlike traditional chalk and boae. Some Benefits of Education & e-Learning are as follows - Online Learning Accommodates Everyone's Needs, Quick Delivery Of Lessons, Scalability, Consistency, Reduced Costs, Effectiveness, Less Impact On Environment.


We employ innovative market strategies and international expansion, careful management of the supply chain and production sites, and facilitate a shift toward personalized medicine that puts the patient first. Pharmaceutical companies are facing a changing environment: new, disruptive technologies are entering the markets, the stratified medicine approach is reaching new stages of therapy individualization, digital technologies are creating new opportunities to prove the real life impact of pharmaceutical therapies, and medical device companies are being challenged by strengthened regulatory and market access requirements. At the same time, cost pressure is being applied to producers and payers as well as providers.


Because of the lack of information, high uncertainty, the need to make decisions quickly, founders of startups use lots of heuristics and exhibit biases in their startup actions. Biases and heuristics are parts of our cognitive toolboxes in the decision making process, and they help us to take a decision as quick as possible under uncertainty, but sometimes become erroneous and fallacious. It's better to first make a must-have for a small number of users (early adopters) than a nice-to-have for a large number of users. It is much easier to get more users than to go from nice-to-have to must-have. Startups use a number of action principles to generate evidence as quickly as possible to reduce the downside effect of decision biases.


Retailers differ from industrial companies in that they do not produce tangible products. They purchase merchandise from manufacturers in large quantities for resale to consumers at a profit. The domestic Retail Store industry is mature and highly competitive. Many retailers have been in business for the better part of a century and, thus, have had time to fully cover targeted markets. These companies must provide desirable products, while managing inventory and controlling costs, to succeed. From an investment perspective, the sector generally tracks the broader stock market, on average. Some retail stocks can be volatile, though, making them best suited for short-term accounts.


Telecommunication is the transmission of signs, signals, messages, words, writings, images and sounds or information of any nature by wire, radio, optical or other electromagnetic systems. Telecommunication occurs when the exchange of information between communication participants includes the use of technology. It is transmitted through a transmission media, such as over physical media, for example, over electrical cable, or via electromagnetic radiation through space such as radio or light. Such transmission paths are often divided into communication channels which afford the advantages of multiplexing. Since the Latin term communicatio is considered the social process of information exchange.