Permanent Staffing

Permanent Staffing Services

In permanent staffing, our team source the profiles for our clients and participate in the selection process. With help of inputs / feedbacks from client we get best resources to our clients.

Permanent staffing refers to providing befitting candidates to the interested companies on a long-term basis. The staffing agency gathers the requisite employment criterion of the concerned client, shortlists the best candidates from its database accordingly and ultimately hires the best-suited professional to work in the client’s office. Among the many parameters required to shortlist the candidate for permanent staffing includes salary expectation, experience, communicative skills, work profile, and the matching job description. At Promitheia, we carry out all these scrutinizing tasks on the behalf of our clients to provide them the cream of talent from our database.

Why choose our permanent staffing services?

Right from the time we have found our realms till date, we have been successful in overcoming tough industry competition. We provide superior quality staffing solutions to our clients representing varied walks of life and belonging to distinct geographical locations. We serve assorted industries for their varied staffing requirements through a foolproof talent acquisition process.
You can also approach us to get high quality staffing solutions that could act as a catalyst in the progress of your organizations. Be it to hire an experienced top-level manager or to recruit a professional for a comparably lower position, we help to get you the ultimate fit for your company every time, well within the committed timeline.

Here are more reasons to hire our services:

We hire the best candidates: Based on the specific requirements of the concerned position, we hire the most talented, experienced and befitting candidate for your company.
Nationwide Presence: Based in Noida, our permanent staffing solutions cater to the needs of organizations all across India. Immaterial of your current location, we can find the best candidate to work for your company, right at your workstation. Besides, we also recruit for our international clients.
Serving pan industry: From Information Technology to Banking, Healthcare to Digital Marketing and more, we are well equipped to serve the staffing requirements of almost any industry. Nevertheless, our forte lies in serving the recruitment needs of the IT industry.
Candidates for all positions: Our efficient recruitment staff leverages our robust database to handle the staffing requirements for all types of job roles, from entry level to mid to higher level positions in the company hierarchy.
Reduced Expenses: By taking the permanent staffing responsibility, we help our clients to reduce their hiring expenses appreciably. As a result, we enable them to draw long-term monetary benefits.
Save considerable time: We save our clients from indulging in exaggerating screening processes. This in turn saves their time, which they can invest in focusing on their core tenets.
Cloud-based tracking system: We enable you to track the entire staffing and recruitment process through our cloud-based monitoring system. Hence, you can find out every information related to candidates’ hiring, including their joining date, skills and efficiency with respect to the job requirement, their expectations and more.
Long-term business relationship: The employees we hire to work for our clients have always proved as an asset for the latter. This has helped us to ensure utmost client satisfaction and resulted in strengthening our long-term business relationship even further.
Can hire any number of candidates: We rarely bother about numbers.It is all your choice whether you want us to recruit a single employee or multiple candidates. We can adhere to all your staffing requirements with due dedication and commitment.

Let’s connect

Right from the start till the end of the selection and staffing process, we care to follow all the requisite procedures. During the process, we also make sure to keep our clients well informed about the progress of their staffing requirements. Feel free to avail our permanent staffing services to devote more time on your core competencies and benefit from the expertise of our hired candidates. We are waiting for your call.